Saturday, June 2, 2012

Boseong Workshop & Suncheon Bay

This past week, the EPIK teachers in Gwangju were required to attend a workshop in lovely Boseong (보성). Located about 2 hours south of Gwangju in Jeollanam-do province, Boseong is best known for the lush green tea fields which line it's mountainsides. While, due to planning issues, we did not get a chance to experience the tea fields (I'll have to go back for that I suppose!) we did get to spend some quality time on the beach (in the rain, while the tide was out... so perhaps that's better phrased as 'in the mud') chasing crabs, footballs and other sea creatures.

Unsure what you're looking at? So was I. When the tide goes out, all the crab action on the beach creates little balls of sand and salt. All the little crabs are pretty cute too :).

A number of us also had the opportunity to check out the lovely Suncheon Bay (순천만) area. The bay itself is an wetland ecological park encompassing 5.4㎢ of reed beds and 21.6㎢ of mudflats. While that might not seem exciting at first, the sheer number of crabs and mudfish contained within even one square meter makes the biomass of the whole park mind-boggling. The stunning views of the wetland from atop a nearby mountain don't harm the park's appeal either!

Apparently crabs like ice cream too! 

Spot the crabs!

I call this one "where's Cralbo"

All of these reeds were growing out of silt/water.

Mudfish, sea slugs and crabs! What more could you want?
These critters were adorable - I think I have about 30 photos of mudfish alone! They're pretty incredible though, fish with arms! Who'd've thunk it?

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